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Get Started

Follow these simple steps to filter your options and build a schedule:

  1. Use the menu to the left to filter down options and locate the camps you are interested in. You must select at least one filter criterion to start seeing camp options (ex: one grade or one camp type or one week). You can use multiple filter criteria together to narrow your search. Click Apply when you’ve made all your selections. 
  2. Select the arrow to the left of each camp to see a snippet of the description. Click on Details to see all information related to the camp, including the instructor biographies (if available).
  3. Select “Add” to place all desired camps into the Schedule Builder. 
  4. Go to “My Schedules” to view all your selected camps. The system will show you if there are any overlapping programs, time conflicts or missing blocks. You can save or print a summary of your camp choices that includes a “cheat sheet” to make the final registration process go faster. 
  5. When you are ready to register, select the “Register Now” button to go into our registration system. Use your scheduling cheat sheet to look for the course ID number or the name of the programs you wish, select your programs, and breeze quickly through the registration process.

Example Schedules

Sample 1 (Mix and Match)

   Time Block 1: Outdoor Ice Skating (9:00am-10:30am)
+ Time Block 2: Digital Music (10:30am-12:00pm)
+ Time Blocks 3-4: Day Camp (12:30pm-3:30pm)
= Full Day

Sample 2 (Mix and Match)

   Time Blocks 1-2: Day Camp (9:00am-12:00pm)
+ Time Blocks 3-4: Jedi Engineering (12:30pm-3:30pm)
= Full Day

Sample 3 (Mix and Match)

   Time Blocks 1-2: Stained Glass (9:00am-12:00pm)
+ Time Blocks 3-4: Land Paddling (12:30pm-3:30pm)
= Full Day

Sample 4 (All-Day Specialty Camp)

Time Blocks 1-4: Harry Potter (9:00am-3:30pm)
= Full Day

Sample 5 (Day Camp)

Time Blocks 1-4: Day Camp or Rainbow Camp (9:00am-3:30pm)
= Full Day

Sample 6 (Half-Day Specialty Camp)

Time Blocks 1-2: Soccer Camp (9:00am-12:00pm)
= Half Day


  1. Select a Grade level to see all camp options for that grade. Camps are designed for specific grade levels and may or may not include multiple grades within a single camp. Selecting multiple grades will result in camps available for both grade levels (ex: Kindergarten or 3rd grade), not single camps that accept both grade-level participants. 
  2. Select a Camp type to focus on a specific area of interest. Are you only interested in Day Camp? Want to focus on Academics or Sports? Select the specific camps you are interested in to narrow your choices. Want to see everything? Leave all the Camps unchecked and the results will include everything available for your selected grade.
  3. Select a Week if only certain weeks work with your schedule. Is your camper limited to specific weeks? Select the week(s) that work for you and the results will be limited to the camps offered at that time. Want to build your schedule around the camp offerings? Leave all the weeks unchecked and the results will include everything available, ordered by week.
  4. Select a Time Block to find options available in specfic time blocks. If you are creating a custom schedule and mixing camps and time blocks, use the time block filter to narrow your search to the specific block you need to fill. This can be especially useful as classes fill up and you are left with an empty block to fill. Leave all the time blocks unchecked to see everything available for all time blocks. 
  5. Use the keyword search to find a specific camp. Ex: if you know you want to take Digital Music but don’t know when it is offered, try searching for “digital” in the keyword search field. Do not use the Search field for values that are defined in the groupings on the left (Grade, Camp, Week and Time Block). 
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