Safety and Supervision

Accredited with the American Camp Association

ACA accreditation requires that Colorado Academy Summer Camp complies with up to 300 health, safety, and program quality standards covering every aspect of camp operation from food service, to healthcare, to staffing, and training. The ACA works with experts from organizations like the American Red Cross and the American Academy of Pediatrics so that current practices at accredited camps are in keeping with the latest research-based standards of safety and camp operation. Additionally, ACA accreditation assures parents that their children’s camp undergoes regular independent safety audits, most of which go beyond required safety regulations.

Employee Screening

Employees are hired based on qualifications and experience in providing children with a safe, fun, and educational experience. A thorough screening process includes a comprehensive background check and a national sex offender check.

Supervision Guidelines

Our group supervision guidelines govern the way in which staff members are allowed to interact with campers. To protect both staff and camp participants, our guidelines state that staff members are never to be alone with a single child in a situation where others cannot observe them. Colorado Academy Summer Programs operates under a ‘Rule of Three’ policy, which requires groups to include either two staff members and one camper, or two campers and one staff member.

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