6 Valuable Skills Kids Develop at Camp

If you attended summer camp growing up, you probably remember how you felt almost like a different person afterward than before. Maybe you were apprehensive at first, but by the time you returned home, you had grown as a person and tried new things, developing more confidence and autonomy at the same time.

Summer camp is exciting, thrilling, and perhaps a bit daunting, but it doesn’t take long for the fun to begin.

The same is true for camps today, and there are summer camp options that you probably never imagined when you were a kid. Did you know your child can attend a Denver summer camp and learn dog training? How about video game design? Or engineering design using LEGO? You may want to go yourself once you learn about all the amazing possibilities.

The great thing about summer camp is that it’s not only an excellent way for kids to spend part of their summer, it sends them home with new skills that are valuable right now, and that will stick with them and serve them well into adulthood. Here are six valuable skills kids can develop at a Denver summer camp, regardless of what specific type of camp experience your family chooses.

1. Teamwork

Teamwork may be a part of some school activities, and you may teach your children the value of teamwork at home, but camp takes it to an entirely new level. Children quickly learn that they simply have more fun when they learn to work together as a team, whether they’re writing computer code, playing sports, or learning a new language. And when a child takes teamwork skills into higher education and adulthood, they have a clear advantage over those who do not.

2. Leadership

If nothing else, camp teaches children self-leadership, since they will be responsible for basics like keeping track of their clothing, waking up on time, and following their schedule. Older kids who attend apprentice counseling training develop their leadership skills further, and have many opportunities to put newly developed leadership skills to use. Many children who never thought of themselves as leaders find that they have a real talent for leadership at summer camp.

3. Resilience

The moment when a child faces a challenge, like a bee sting, without Mom or Dad around and comes through it like a champ with the help of caring counselors is a moment when they learn and practice resilience. When kids learn to overcome challenges and stand on their own two feet, they make tremendous progress toward being a strong, successful adult. Summer camp is filled with opportunities for developing resilience, and as a result, your child will come home with more confidence and self-regard.

At camp, children often learn they’re stronger than they give themselves credit for.

4. Sportsmanship

You can be confident that your child will learn sportsmanship at a Denver summer camp. And it doesn’t only apply to sports camps, but to all camps. Whether your child is playing board games, learning how to cook, or practicing the basics of entrepreneurship, they are taught the value of fair, generous behavior toward others. Sportsmanship will benefit your child in school, in their career, and in the friendships they make, from now on through adulthood.

5. Decision-Making

Summer camp is an outstanding experience for teaching kids independence, and a big part of independence is making well-formed decisions. The camp environment is structured, offers options, and helps kids understand situations and learn consequences of decisions in safe surroundings. This can be just the thing to help the more fearful or timid child come out of their shell.

6. Courage

It’s not easy for a child or their parents when it’s time to board the bus for camp that first time. But at camp kids learn so much about what they are capable of. Children will have many opportunities to step out of their comfort zone and try new things, from new foods at mealtime to new sports to making new friends. Courage is like a muscle: it develops with repeated use. At camp, your child will be encouraged to try new things, and rewarded for doing so.

Spending part of their summer at a Denver summer camp is a tremendous opportunity for children of all ages. Not only will your kids learn specific skills in an immersive environment, surrounded by enthusiastic instructors, counselors, and co-campers, they’ll develop life skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. No longer just for sports and arts, camps are available for just about every interest you and your child can imagine. We invite you to check out the Colorado Academy registration page, and take the first step toward a summer your children will find unforgettable.

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