What Makes Summer Camp in Denver so Special?

Denver summer camp raftingChoosing the right summer camp for your child is an important decision. You want to make sure that they’ll have a great time, but also learn some things along the way. They need to experience new things and new places, meet new people and have adventures. And what better place for them to explore and grow than Denver, Colorado? If you haven’t considered Denver as the perfect spot for your child’s summer camp, think again: it could end up being the adventure of a lifetime. Here’s why attending summer camp in Denver is so special, and why it might be the perfect fit for your child.

Natural Beauty

There’s something ruggedly beautiful about Denver; it’s full of open plains, mountain peaks, and lush forests. At Denver summer camps kids can explore the environment surrounding them and learn about nature, wildlife, and a host of fun survival skills. It helps them connect with nature in a way we rarely get to in this digitally overwhelming age, and might even get your kids to unplug for a while. After all, who has time to check the internet when there’s archery, rock-climbing, and swimming to do? This alone makes summer camp in Denver a rewarding experience for children.

Unconventional Activitiesiron chef cooking summer camp

Some kids might think that summer camp sounds boring or old-fashioned. They’ve definitely been looking at the wrong camps; summer camps in Denver have no end to fun and wonderfully weird activities perfectly tailored to the interests of your child. Do they want to learn how to cook like an Iron Chef? Maybe they’d rather spend their summer studying up on magic with Harry Potter? Or would you like your child to come home with a working knowledge of rocketry? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a program your kid will go crazy about!

Let’s Get Physical

Getting kids to move can be a major challenge, so pick a summer camp that will get them excited about physical activity. Denver summer camps have a wide assortment of sports activities, so kids can hone their skills or try out something new. But if your child isn’t thrilled about the usual fare, never fear: there’s still plenty to get them going. They can try out a dance class and learn some new moves, or become an expert at parkour. For those that want to make the most of the beauty of Denver, there are mountain climbing classes sure to impress even the most jaded of kids.

School Skills

Summer slump is a very real thing, and one that can cause serious problems for students. Luckily, your kid can have a great summer and still keep their minds sharp! Denver summer camps offer a comprehensive list of summer classes on virtually every subject. Your kid can practice math, brush up on English, or work on their computer skills in a fun and relaxing environment. Best of all, they won’t even mind learning when surrounded by enthusiastic counselors and other motivated kids.

sailing summer campExploring the World

One of the best parts of summer camp in Denver is getting to embrace the local environment and culture. For those that really want to dive into the Denver scene, there are off-campus excursions where counselors play tour guide. Kids can explore the diverse art scene in Denver, or sample the delicious local foods. They’ll learn about the history of this singular city, and get a unique look at the culture and people that make Denver so remarkable. There are also week-long excursions into the woods, where kids can learn survival skills and develop a sense of independence and responsibility they never imagined. Whether you want to be one with nature or get in touch with with Denver’s hip side, there’s something for every kid to get excited about!

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