Finding the Perfect Summer Camp

summer camp chalk boardIt took a long time to get here, but summer is right around the corner. With spring officially on the way out, it’s time to focus on what your child will be doing this summer. Odds are you want to keep them active, occupied, and having fun over the long months away from school. And what better way to do that then by sending them off to summer camp? But not all camps are created equal, and it’s important to find the one that will suit your child’s particular needs. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you find the perfect summer camp.

What’s the Focus?

Plenty of summer camps focus in on a particular subject: drama, or science, or maybe sports. Does your child want to spend their whole vacation perfecting a particular skill? Maybe you’d prefer a more well-rounded experience for your child. Look for a camp that has a variety of different activities and events. That way they’ll never be bored, and always have something new to try out.

Safety First

When your child is away from you for any length of time, you want to know that they’ll be protected and taken care of. When investigating summer camps, make sure they’re American Camp Association (ACA) accredited. This means that the camp in question is up to date and in compliance with all the necessary standards for health, safety, and program quality. This lets you relax while your children can focus on a seriously fun summer experience.

Setting A Schedule

While some camps have set-in-stone schedules, others allow you to pick and choose what appeals most to your child. Does your kid love science? Or are they into the arts? Do they want to try rock climbing? Look over the options, and let them have a hand in the choices. This will give them the opportunity to help shape their own summer. Best of all, they may just end up with a new favorite hobby!

Community Counts

What sort of environment does the camp have? What are the other campers and counselors like? Are children encouraged to be independent, or can they count on constant supervision? Your child has specific needs that have to be met, and the perfect summer camp will do just that.

The Perfect Spot

If you can, take a tour of the prospective summer camp before signing up. Not only will it give you a chance to feel out the atmosphere, it will let you see the grounds. You want your child to have plenty of room to safely explore and have fun, and the best camps provide that in spades. Your camp should be easily accessible and in a safe environment that will allow your child to grow and learn all summer long.

A Wonderful Day (Camp)

While sleep-away camp can have plenty of benefits for kids of all ages, day camp isn’t something to overlook. Your child can have the full camp experience and still get to come home and spend time with their family at the end of the day. This is also a great option for high school students who want to attend camp and hold down a summer job (or do some college prep)!

If you’re looking for the perfect summer camp, why not check out Colorado Academy Summer Programs? With tons of fun activities in a picture-perfect location, this ACA-accredited camp is all your child needs for an unforgettable summer! Contact us at any time for more details.

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