Getting Your Kid Ready for Summer Camp

welcome to summer camp

Summer camp can be the most fun and exciting time in a child’s life. They get some time away from home to explore, make friends, and have fun. The best summer camps send your child home with a lifetime of memories, and even a new skill or two. To ensure your child has the best summer experience possible, it’s important to make sure they’re totally prepared. Here’s what you need to do to help your kid get ready for summer camp, so they can fully enjoy an amazing summer.

Ready, Set, Go

Summer camp can be full of surprises, but keeping your kid in the dark about what to expect can lead to an awful lot of unnecessary stress. Be sure to explain exactly what camp has in store for them. Tell them what the routine will be like, and answer any questions they might have about what’s going to happen. When they’re fully armed with knowledge, children are less likely to get nervous about camp and more likely to relax and enjoy the experience. And remember, even the toughest and most independent of children can have anxiety about leaving home (even if it’s just for a few hours). Check in on them regularly to make sure they’re excited instead of apprehensive.

Be Prepared

There are few things worse than showing up to a new place, only to find out you don’t have what you need. You don’t want your little one forgetting anything important, so be sure to pack early. Most camps will provide a list of what your child needs, so bring them along for the shopping experience. Let them have a say in the items being chosen, and explain what they’ll need them for. Label any important or cherished items so that there’s less concern about things getting lost while they’re out having fun.

 Skill Set

If your child will be expected to do things they’ve never experienced before (like laundry, or sharing a room with others), make sure they have at least a crash course before sending them off to camp. Tell them exactly what will be expected of them so there are no nasty surprises. If it’s a new skill, have them practice beforehand; the added chores will get them ready for the responsibility of being on their own and put them at ease about what they’ll have to do at camp. If your child is nervous about having to share a room, tell them exactly what it is like and give them some tips on how to handle a roommate.

Make It Positive

Some children have a lot of anxiety about getting ready for summer camp. The best way to get them over this is to keep things positive. Instead of worrying about being homesick, have them dwell on how much fun they’ll have and how many friends they’ll make. It’s important not to diminish their concerns about going away, but instead to highlight the good things ahead. By turning their focus to fun and excitement instead of the potential negatives, your child will be in the perfect frame of mind to make the most out of their summer camp experience.

Stay Connected

Whether spending the day at camp or the whole summer, your child will want to know they can get in touch if they need to. Make sure they know that the camp can contact you if need be. Find out the rules at camp regarding phones and technology, and work out a plan for checking in if they need to. Once your child knows you’re a phone call away then can spend less time worrying and more time having fun at summer camp.

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