How Do Summer Camp Programs Increase Your Child’s Success?

There are almost 6,000 summer camps in business in the United States. With that summer camp statistic, it’s pretty obvious that the industry is successful.

But what makes summer camp so great?

Not only is it a way to keep your child busy when school isn’t in session, but camp programs are also known to increase your child’s likelihood of success.

Keep reading to discover the many benefits of enrolling your child in summer camp programs.

Opportunities To Interact With New Friends

One of the main benefits of camp is that your child will develop better communication skills.

Even if your child is in school, this doesn’t mean that they have stellar communication skills. Instead, they may only interact with a small group of friends, or stick to themselves throughout the day.

By immersing your child in the camp environment, they’ll have to interact with a whole new group of kids and camp employees. This diverse group of people to communicate with will help your child learn to approach and make friends with new people.

You may be surprised by how much more outgoing your child is after they come home from summer camp. Being able to effectively communicate is a skill that will certainly help your child succeed in the future.

Try New Things And Discover New Skills

Along with meeting new people, your child will be exposed to new activities and skills at camp.

Summer camp activities can involve a whole range of things depending on which camp you choose.

If you have a child that loves to be indoors and in front of a screen, you may choose an adventure camp to show them how exciting the outdoors is. Or, if you have a child struggling with their grades, enroll them in an academics camp to show them how fun learning can be.

Your children will also develop valuable skills. They’ll learn skills like decision-making, teamwork, leadership, and resilience. These skills will come naturally while they’re participating in their new activities.

Meet Positive Adult Role Models

When enrolling your children in a summer camp for kids, you can rest assured that they’ll be surrounded by responsible adults the whole time. Not only will these adults keep your children safe and behaving, but, they’ll also act as a positive role model for your child.

When your child sees their group leader rock-climbing like a pro or confidently dressing up for theme days, your child takes notice. These adults are setting an example when they have fun participating in activities with your children. With a large adult staff on board, odds are your child will connect and look up to at least one of them.

Camps take great pride in only hiring the best candidates. These employees have the skills and experience to work closely with your children for an extended period of time. That means your child will only be interacting with the absolute best role models available.

Learn to Be More Independent

Saying goodbye to your child when they go to summer camp can be a tough process for both of you — especially if it’s an overnight camp. But, while the first few days may be rough, you’ll find that after a few days, your child realizes they’re able to function without you.

This feeling of independence is crucial for raising your child into a functional adult. Allowing your child to make their own decisions and be responsible for their own actions sets the groundwork for their future.

And remember, while your child may feel like they’re independent, they’re being closely monitored by adults.

Supports Mental And Physical Health

All of these new skills and independence are great for your child’s mental health. Camps work hard to make every child feel accepted and valued throughout the daily activities.

Combined with the healing benefits of outdoor air, your child will most likely return from camp with a more positive outlook on life.

When it comes to physical health, studies show that camps effectively promote physical activity and nutritional education.

Children who attend summer camps are more physically active than those who don’t. The studies even show that while at camp, most children will exceed the recommended physical activity guidelines.

Unplug From Technology

In today’s world, there aren’t many days that your child doesn’t interact with technology or sit in front of a screen. Whether they use a computer or tablet for school work or play a video game with their friends, that screen time isn’t always the best thing for children.

Studies show that the more screen time your child is exposed to, the worse their mental well-being becomes.

But, summer camp provides a completely unplugged experience. Many camps do not allow cellphones to be brought along and avoid any activities that involve screentime. Instead, your children can communicate with you through letters or landline phone.

This gives your child an extended period of time away from the screen, which does wonders for their brain development.

Increase Their Self-Confidence

Thanks to all the skills and benefits touched on above, your child will leave camp with a newfound self-confidence.

Studies show that when children attend summer camp programs, they gain self-confidence. In this study, the campers were more confident in showing their skills at school and standing out in the workplace.

Who wouldn’t want to give their child that kind of performance boost for their future?

Enroll Your Child In Summer Camp Programs

Now that you know the benefits of enrolling your child in summer camp programs, it’s time to find the right program.

At Colorado Academy, we have a variety of summer programs for children of all ages. Choose from a specialty camp focusing on the arts or imagination, or opt for a more-traditional over-night camp experience.

Request a catalog online to learn more about these program offerings and how to enroll.

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