7 Awesome Summer Camp Programs for Kids


You might think you know everything about summer camp. Roasting marshmallows and swimming, hiking in the words and doing crafts – it’s all pretty standard fare. But if you think that’s all there is to camp, think again. The best summer camp programs offer a delightful mix of old favorites and cool new activities. We’ve got the rundown on just a few of the incredible summer programs that will get your kids excited for camp.

  1. A Magical Time

If your child is still patiently waiting for their letter from Hogwarts, you’re in luck: plenty of summer camp programs across the country will let your kid get in touch with their magical side. From potion-making to wand games, your kid can unleash their inner witch or wizard this summer.

  1. Spy Kids

For kids who want to grow up and be James Bond or Agent 99, Spy Camp could be the perfect fit. Children get all the fun of being a spy with none of the stress; they’ll learn how to crack codes, attend secret meetings, and go on exciting missions. It’s a thrilling experience that will leave your kid feeling cool, tough, and ready for anything.

  1. Raining Cats and Dogs

Does your child love animals and dream of growing up to become a veterinarian? Kids who adore animals can find fun new ways to bond with their pets thanks to an assortment of exciting activities. This summer camp program covers everything from using a clicker to train your dog to discussions with animal experts. Your child will learn a ton of fascinating facts and skills, and have a great time doing it.

  1. Pull A Stunt

Some kids have an affinity for risk-taking; now you can channel all that daredevil energy in a healthy direction with a thrill-a-minute summer camp program. Stunt double camp is perfect for kids who love a challenge and have adrenaline to spare; your child will learn how to jump, fall, and perform stunts with the best of them. Under the very close watch of trained professionals, kids can get a firsthand look at just what it takes to pull off the cool shots from their favorite films.

  1. Building the Future

LEGO has evolved from a fun toy to an amazing educational experience. By combining those fun blocks with STEM and robotics, kids can spend a fascinating summer learning real-life skills that will help them later in life. Camp-goers can learn the basics of robotics and programming while having a fantastically fun time. Best of all: these skills will be incredibly helpful when they head back to school come September.

  1. Cook Up Some Fun

For kids that love the Food Network, this summer might be best spent cooking up something sweet. From cupcakes to savory treats to full-fledged gourmet meals, summer camp programs are the perfect place for your child to unleash their inner chef. Experience is not necessary, and everyone is welcome to try their hands at whipping up some delicious treats. It’s a low-stress and fun way to learn skills that will last them a lifetime.

  1. Put On A Show

Children with a flair for the dramatic will love summer programs that focus on acting. Does your kid love cracking jokes and keeping everyone in stitches? Stand-up comedy might be their dream come true. For those fond of a more classical approach, there are theater programs that let them be involved with every step of the process from writing and casting to opening night. And kids who dream of seeing themselves on the silver screen can zoom in on camera work and try their hands at directing their own small movies. Whatever creative outlet they’re looking for, your children are sure to find it at summer camp!

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