Experience the beauty of Colorado’s rivers with Fly Fishing!

Fly Fishing Camp

Do you like to commune with nature?  Do you like the sound of a river flowing past you?  Do you like to find yourself alone with just your thoughts in the solitude of the Rockies?  Or maybe you just want to look like Brad Pitt landing the huge trout in A River Runs Through It.  If any of these things appeals to you, then this is the ideal summer camp for you.  On the Colorado Fly Fishing Summer Program, students will learn the skills, knowledge and the art of fly fishing. We will explore our home state, Colorado, examining different river types, habitat conditions, aquatic ecology, fisheries as a resource, watershed dynamics and the entire time, pursuing fish with fly. Students will learn to evaluate conditions, travel safe in a backcountry setting, problem solve, and discover river locations that are close to home. Learning river access that is close to home is essential to encouraging students to continue their pursuit of the sport should they so choose. Becoming more intimate with the rivers in their home state will also serve to make them more connected with their immediate geography. Each day of the week, the group will travel to a new destination on nearby rivers. Join us for some fun on the river; it’s a great way to spend a hot summer day!  You too may discover you’ll be haunted by waters after this program.

Register today at https://casummer.wpengine.com/ca-summer-camps-2/adventure-sports/

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