Reading and Literacy Camps Now Available!

Dear Parents:

If your child is struggling with reading or just needs some additional support, our Reading and Literacy camps are the perfect solution. We offer a few different options:

  • Reading Intervention for kids entering grade 1 (June 11 – July 6) and  grade 2 (July 9 – August 3):  This 4-week program addresses the 5 essential components of effective reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. (Page 62 in catalog)
  • Intensive Literacy Support for entering grades 3 – 5:
    (June 11 – July 6 or July 9 – August 3) During this 4-week program campers will work to improve reading, writing, and spelling skills. (Page 62 in catalog)

Why Choose a Reading or Literacy Camp?

Colorado Academy academic camps provide a variety of options for students to sustain academic growth in many areas.  Specifically, the reading intervention camps provide children with the opportunity to practice and hone previously learned skills. These camps also introduce new concepts that the children will be learning in the fall. The reading intervention camps are designed for children who need continued summer practice in order to confidently enter school in the fall.

Who Can Benefit from Reading or Literacy Camp?

Children enrolled in the Intensive Literacy Support camps are often students who have struggled with foundational phonics skills. These camps work on reading, writing, and spelling skills in a very structured, multi-sensory manner. This experience is designed for students with a diagnosis of dyslexia or other learning issue. The Intensive camps can also work for students that do not yet have a diagnosis but have similar struggles. These children may be academically behind (by half a year or more) their
same-age peers.

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