What Activities Will Your Child Participate in at Colorado Summer Camp?

Sometimes it seems as if kids change as much during a single summer as they do during an entire school year, especially if they’re in middle school. Though middle school summer camps are at the core of many summer camp programs, camps are available for younger and older children, offering age-appropriate programs designed to build children’s self confidence in a supportive, fun environment.

Whatever your child’s interests, you can be there’s a summer camp program for it.

Before you register your child for camp, naturally you want to know what types of activities are planned for them. One of the most wonderful things about today’s summer camp programs is the huge variety of programs available. Whether your child is interested in art, athletics, service, technology, or some other activity, you can find a summer camp that is designed to address their interests.

Middle School Is a Great Age for Enjoying Summer Camp

Some children are ready to attend summer camp during their elementary school years, but by the time they reach middle school age, most children are ready for a summer of fun where they can make new friends and explore new interests. Middle school summer camps offer the ideal environment in which your child can learn a new skill or develop an existing interest.

Typical activities at middle school summer camps may include:

Most camps include theme days with special activities like inflatable water slides, a circus, dunk tanks, or the perennial camp classic Color Wars.

Mix and Match Programs to Suit Your Child’s Interests

Not every child has a strong focus on a particular activity or sport, and that’s perfectly fine. Many top camps allow families to mix and match programs so that kids can partake of a variety of activities, discovering new things they love, and enjoying activities that are summer camp favorites. You can mix and match morning and afternoon activities, or choose full day activities, depending on your child’s interests.

A child could, for example, spend a morning conducting fun science experiments, and then spend the afternoon riding a bike. Or, a child who is seriously into Star Wars could spend a full day doing Star Wars-related activities. In other words, you can customize schedule and activities to suit your child’s interests, however broad or specific they are.

Help for Parents Whose Work Hours Don’t Match Camp Hours

Today’s summer camps are aware that parents’ work hours don’t always match up with the hours when camp begins and ends, and many offer extension programs that accommodate these needs. While camp itself typically lasts from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., before- and after-camp programs are available for kids who need to be dropped off earlier or picked up later.

Summer camp program options exist to accommodate parents’ work hours.

Likewise, for kids whose schedules don’t permit full-day participation, half-day programs are available. Camp directors understand that even when school is out, schedules can be unpredictable or unexpectedly busy, and they strive to work with families to develop a camp schedule for every child who wants to participate in summer camp.

Packing for Middle School Summer Camps

Packing instructions will vary to some degree depending on the age of the child and the program, but for typical middle school summer camps, lunch is included, as is an afternoon snack of ice cream or another frozen treat. Generally, it’s best to pack the minimum your child needs, because the programs themselves will include materials required for activities. Typically, campers need to pack their swimsuit, towel, sunblock, sunglasses, and a water bottle. Campers should leave their electronic devices at home. They’ll be too busy to think about using them anyway.

Special Activities Accompany Each Week’s Theme

Check camp literature to learn whether campers will need to pack anything special for the special activities that accompany each camp’s theme week. These special activities are designed to complement normal camp activities and include such fun activities as Slip ‘n Slide, a Country Fair, Dunk Tanks, Color Wars, and inflatable water slides.

Your children will finish their summer camp session with plenty of wonderful, lifelong memories, and possibly with lifelong friends, and some of the best memories will come from the special activity days. The goal of summer camp is to give your child their best summer ever, helping them develop self-confidence and independence while learning new skills and activities and improving on existing ones. And time out just for fun is an indispensable part of the summer camp experience.

Middle school summer camps are what most people think of when they think of summer camps, but programs are available for younger and older children as well. Colorado Academy has offered summer programs since 1951, and offer over 20 different programs per week, so every child can create a camp schedule that is perfect for their interests. We strive to offer the best summer ever for your child, while offering convenience and peace of mind for parents. Colorado Academy Summer Programs invites you to contact us at any time to learn about our terrific variety of summer programs for kids.

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